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A Hollywood Destination Wedding in Antigua Guatemala

Marcus and Alison work in the film industry in the United States and Canada. Guatemala seemed like the most unforgettable location to come to seal their lives forever and to give their guests a unique wedding experience.

Santa Clara Convent was the place in Antigua Guatemala chosen by the bride and groom to hold their ceremony and reception. This 18th century religious convent was the perfect place for having a majestic garden with a classic water fountain in the middle and a high-rise chapel that leaves any tourist to Antigua Guatemala in awe.

The bride and groom received all their guests at a welcome party held at Pensativo Hotel, a modern and warm hotel also in Antigua Guatemala, where they celebrated with speeches, music and even piñatas.

After the wedding we moved with the bride and groom to the most beautiful lake in the world, Lake Atilán. It was there that we carried out the photo and video session that would later complement all the content that we would deliver to the newlyweds.

As we always say, a video says more than a thousand words, here you can see one of the videos that we deliver to our beloved actors:

This incredible Wedding would not have been possible without the teamwork of these exceptional vendors:

Weddings Planner: @idoguatemala

Film & Photo: Auguro Weddings

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